Monday, June 19, 2017



How are you doing? I just completed all of my tasks on my To Do List for today, so now I can chill a bit. Smile!

Chris is resting nicely listening to his radio. Well it is supposed to be 113 degrees today and I bet that it gets hotter than that. Whew!

The fur-babies didn't want to be in the dog pool yesterday but I put them inside anyway. As soon as they got out it was a lot of shaking and then they did a few laps around the backyard. Nutty fur-babies.

We are looking forward to our trip to Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert on Wednesday. We will spend time with our niece the beautiful Sara on Wednesday. On Thursday we will have dinner with JT and George. The 23rd and 24th we will stay with Sheila and the pugs. We are going to meet up with Amanda and Lloyd for dinner. It is going to be a good stay-cation but we are going to melting in Phoenix. Whew!

Hope that you are doing OK? Work smarter not harder!

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Loraine said...

OK, don't sink into the asphalt in Phoenix. Be careful!

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