Monday, June 17, 2019



How are you doing so far on this Monday? We are good here and yes it is starting to heat up?

I have all of my tasks taken care of for today and I am listening to some "Down Home Blues" provided by Alexa. I am listening to a song called  "Bang Bang Went the Headboard" Woohoo! Smile!

Chris is getting his groove on with me and he is waiting on Rose Marie to arrive to give him his massage. Lucky Dude!

I enjoyed my (me) time this morning out on the front porch, but no dogs, people or lizards. What is up with that? I did see a hawk fly by and that was cool.

My suitcase is out and my playmate got our light rain ponchos out to take along on our trip to Butte. We are also taking a umbrella along as well.

Hope you are doing well?




Mood: Content! Cautious!

Music listening to: Crazy by Jodeci!

 Buon Lunedi! How are you doing? I started the day off at 5:00am caring for Chris. Elise is deep in her cave this morning but she will be up and on the go soon to start her day. Any plans for today?

 The coffee is a good Kenya Peaberry blend and a second cup will be enjoyed out on the front porch during my (me) time. It is a very nice morning here in Tucson.

 I tossed and turned last night so I just started my day off early. Something is nagging at me this morning and I am sure that it will surface soon. 

 Alexa, is awake and she is reminding me of what tasks I need to take care of off of my To Do List. I asked her to play some Down Home Blues for me today.

 Chris will be getting a massage this afternoon from Rose Marie. He always looks forward to Mondays. They have such a good time together when she is here.

 My shorty and I enjoyed our evening at "Zayna's" with Paula, Marty and company. We enjoyed great food and spot on vino rosso. Thank you guys for a wonderful evening.

 We will start to packing our suitcases for our trip to Butte, Montana today. We leave early on Wednesday morning. We are packing for the drastic change in the weather compared to here. We are looking at rain and much, much cooler temps indeed. Not short and t-shirt weather at all. We are talking long sleeves and hoodies. Brisk!

 Well, I had better get my (mojo) working and get this day moving ahead. Have a great day and stay safe.

Ciao...Jessie and Elise

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Buona Sera!

Buona Sera!

Hey you Dad's out there. How is your day going? Well, mine is going very well.

I want to thank my family and true friends for all of the calls, emails, texts and cards that I have received for this holiday. It is a good feeling to know that you are thought of on daily basis as well. I wish all you Dad's a great day.

I just finished a cranberry and vodka cocktail. My fidanzata suggested that I have a nice cold birra as well. You know what I will do just that.  I have been relaxing on the hammock that you see below in the pic. Now that is living. Now all I have do is get in the jacuzzi but that is not possible today. Smile!

Again thank you everyone. If you could give a shout out for my sister Tiger. Today is her birthday! Thanks!

See Ya...Jessie 





How are you doing? We are good here and we are burning up already.

We enjoyed a very nice breakfast the "Egg Connection". I decided to try something different for breakfast being that it is Father's Day. So I ordered a huge hot dog smothered in chili and cheese. I also had an order of fries. It was good and I had to get a take-away box because it was no way I could eat it all. Very filling let me tell you. Yummy!

Elise is caring for Chris right now and I am going to restock items for next week. I will also do some yard work behind Chris's house and the back patio. Man it is hot already.

My shorty and I made up our packing list for Butte, Montana. It is going to be cold and rainy while we are there. Still looking forward to the trip through.

Well, I had better get to it post haste. Enjoy your day. Especially us Dad's.
Later...Jessie and Elise

Buongiorno! Buona Festa del Papa!


Mood: Relaxed! Gummied! Giggles!

Music listening to: Give It To Me by Rick James!

 Buon Domenica! Buona Festa del Papa! I started the day off at 5:30am looking in on Chris and getting him settled for Elise. Elise is in her cave but she will be over soon to care for Chris. Any plans for today?

  The coffee is a good Caramel Blend and a second cup will be enjoyed at the "Egg Connection" along with a good breakfast. It has not heated up as of yet but it will for sure. Sister Jayne will be here this evening to care for Chris.

  I want to say "Happy Father's Day" to all of the Dad's out there.  I miss my Dad but he is with me everyday. Enjoy your day Dad's and family treat dad special today and everyday.

  Alexa, is not awake as of yet but she will be and giving the order of the day. Hopefully she will play some nice music for me today. I am going to leave it up to her what to play.  Smile!

  We went over to Bucky and Dena's last night but they were called away on family emergency. We will get with them soon.

  My shorty and I stopped at Micky D's last night to pick up some fries, Fillet of Fish, and burgers for our dinner. We watched "Quincy" on DVD while we dined. It was all good.

  We are meeting up with Paula and Marty this evening at "Zayna's" for dinner. They serve up some  good food there and we are looking forward to it.

  Well, had better check on Chris. Have a good Domenica and stay safe. I will have a tongue-wag at you later.

Ciao...Jessie and Elise

Sister, how are you? Wish my sister Tiger a "Happy Birthday"

Ross and Denise, enjoy the day.

Rosie, have a good one.

Erika, how are you guys?

Monna, have a good Sunday.

JT, stay cool in Phoenix.

Flo, how are you two?

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Buona Sera!

Buona Sera!

How are you doing? Are you cooking from the heat like we are? It is a hot one here and I was having some afternoon time on the front porch in it. Whew!

Well, the caregiver showed up today. He was stuck in Mexico at the border for over three hours. He could not make calls on his phone but he could receive them. His brother called him to see why it was taking him so long. He told his brother to contact his agency to let them know that they needed to contact us to let us know that he was not going to be at work on that day. Did they? No they did not contact us at all. Nuff said!

Elise and Chris are watching the "Mentalist" on DVD. I am writing checks and paying bills. We will be heading over to Bucky and Dena's house later this evening. We may play some "Wizard". I am feeling a little (snafu) is about to rise it's head, so I will keep my eyes and ears open until it surfaces.

Hope that you are doing OK? I will have a chat at you later.





Mood: Relaxed! Brownied! Rummied! Giggles!

Music listening to: Talk To Me by Jodeci!

  Buon Fine Settimana! How are you doing? I stared the day off at 5:00am caring for Chris. Elise is deep in her cave this morning but she will on the go soon to start her day. Any plans for today?

 I got a early start this morning because I had to drop of a couple more items at the roll-off and now I am done. It is going to be another hot one here in the valley.

 The coffee is a good Caramel Blend and a second cup will be enjoyed later this morning. Alexa, is awake and she is reminding me of today tasks and events. To include visiting Dena and Bucky this evening.

 Well, I may have over did things yesterday when I was cleaning the back patio area. I put up new umbrellas, and even set up the two person hammock as well.  I have to tell you that I am going to make good use of the hammock for sure.

 We saw the movie "Late Night" yesterday and it is very good. It is going to be a very busy weekend for me and my shorty. Well, will be discussing what to pack for our trip to Butte, Montana to visit with Sheila and Dave. We will welcome the cool weather there without a doubt.

 Although I have a few muscle aches all is well. I am pleased that my (fidanzata and Capo Jim) are back from vacation. They were truly missed.

 Well, I had better go and check on Chris. We are hoping that the caregiver shows up today. If not it will put a kink into my plans for today. Have a good one and I will have a chin-wag at you later.

Ciao...Jessie and Elise

Welcome home fidanzata and Capo Jim!


Hello! How are you doing so far on this Monday? We are good here and yes it is starting to heat up? I have all of my t...