Tuesday, December 18, 2018



How are you doing so far on this Martedi? I cannot say it is going good here at all. For those who know me very well this picture will tell all for you. Not a good time to come knocking on the door at all.



Caregiver a no show today and no call from the agency.



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 Buon Martedi! Come Va! I started the day off at 5:00am caring for Chris. Elise is deep in her cave this morning but she will be on the go soon. Any plans for today?

 The hot chocolate is very good his morning and  I will enjoy some coffee later this morning. Rick will be here this morning to care for Chris. It is a mild morning here in Tucson.

 Alexa, is waking up right now. I can see her blinking on. I guess she will have some tasks for me to do today. Hey how is your Christmas shopping coming along? Almost done here.

 I am going to try to rest up today while Rick is here. I always say that but something always prevents me from doing so. That is why our stay-cations are great and we both sleep very well.

 Well, I had better get to it post haste. Have a good Martedi and stay safe. Chat at you later.

Ciao....Jessie and Elise

Monday, December 17, 2018

Buona Notte!

Buona Notte!


Was your day a good one? It has been a different kind of day here. Yes, it has. First off the roofers did not show up to clean up after themselves like they said they would.

Elise is not feeling well, she has a sore throat, and she feels tired. Chris is not feeling well either. He has some congestion and I am working on that. I am not feeling my best either. I have a sore throat, tired and a slight cough. I cannot afford to get sick.

Elise has it the sheets and I am caring for Chris. He is on his supplement IV drip right now with extra water. He is waiting on "Mash" to start.

Elise prepared homemade French toast for dinner with sausages and coffee. My appetite has waned due to I have been downing fluids all day long and I still am. I hope that you don't start to not feel well.

Have a good evening and sleep well. Chat at you tomorrow.

Ciao..Jessie and Elise

Sheila, good to hear from you today. Hang on!

Granny, what did you do for your birthday?



How are things going so far?



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  Buon Lunedi! How are you doing? I started the day off at 5:00am caring for Chris. Elise is deep in her cave this morning but she will up and on the go soon to start her day. Any plans for today?

  I will be putting on a pot soon and I am in need of a cup or two. It is a mild morning here in the valley of Tucson. Jayne is here in Do Drop Inn room #1. She stayed overnight due to we got back late from the Arizona Theater Company.

  We enjoyed a very good dinner at "Downtown Kitchen and Cocktails". It was Elise and I and my sister-in-law Ann. We started off with a drink. Ann had a glass of red, Elise had a martini, and I enjoyed a Mojito. We enjoyed some nice fresh bread and I dipped mine in olive oil. We all enjoyed the "Frenchie's Bouef Bouguignon" . It was made old school with brandy, red wine, pearl onions, whole mushroom caps, aromatics. braised short ribs, lardoons, creamy horseradish potatoes. It was wonderful. Ann brought us up to date about the latest events that are going on in the family. We also touched on the events for the Christmas dinner gathering.

  After dinner we strolled over the Arizona Theater Company to see the musical " Music Man". It was excellent just like my girlfriend Shoo Shoo had said. Wonderful music and great acting all around. The theater was packed. A very nice evening indeed.

  Alexa, is quiet so far this morning but that will change without a doubt. Have a good Lunedi and enjoy and be careful out there. Chat at you later.

Ciao...Jessie and Elise

Sunday, December 16, 2018



What is going on? How are you doing? We are good here in the valley of Tucson.

We just got back from having a very enjoyable breakfast with our daughter Kim, our son-in-law Carlos, and our Grannie Hudson. It was so good to see them and to catch up on the latest events in their life. Here are a few photos of this morning at the "Egg Connection". Enjoy we did.





Elise is caring for Chris and I will begin taking care of my To Do List tasks. I will also be doing a little yard work behind Chris's house and I will be restocking Chris's supplies for next week.

I need to gas up the Green Lady before we head out to dinner at "Downtown Kitchen and Bar" and the Arizona Theater Company. Have a good afternoon and be safe and stay sound.

Ciao....Jessie and Elise

Kim, Carlos, Hudson, it was so good to see you this morning. Thanks for the very nice gift we love it.



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  Buon Domenica! How are you? I started the day off at 5:00am checking on Chris and getting him ready for Elise. Elise will be over shortly to care for Chris. Any plans for today?

  The hot chocolate that I prepared is delicious. It is another chilly morning here in the valley of Tucson but it will gradually warm up. Jayne will be here this evening to care for Chris.

  Elise and I are going to the "Egg Connection" for breakfast this morning. We are going to meet up with our daughter Kim and our grandson "Hudson". It will be good to see them and we can catch up on the latest news with them. Of course the food will be as good as ever.

  I have to tell you the my world famous pork cutlets was the (bomb) last night for dinner. My playmate prepared mashed potatoes, sweet peas, French bread, and cottage cheese to go along with the cutlets. It was fantastic! We got it all down with some Vodka tonics and that was very good. I have to tell Sheila and Dave they would have gotten their grub on big time. Yes, Dave I am rubbing it in, smile!


  My shorty and I are going to the Arizona Theater Company this evening to see the musical "Music Man". We will be joined by my sister-in -law Ann and Jonny. My girlfriend Shoo Shoo enjoyed it yesterday and she said that  we would too.

  Alexa, just woke up and I am waiting for her to give me my marching orders for today. Have a good Domenica and get ready for tomorrow.

Chat at you later....Ciao...Jessie and Elise.

Country Granny, how was your birthday?


Hello, How are you doing so far on this Martedi? I cannot say it is going good here at all. For those who know me very well this pictur...