Sunday, April 30, 2017


Good Morning!



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   It's a Sunday! How are you doing? I am good and the first day of a new year has begun for me. So far so good!

  Jayne was here this morning to give us a break after a long but enjoyable evening here. The Tucson Women's Chorus program was very good. The place was packed and everyone loved the music.

   The after-party was a total success. The wind stopped and all went well. We had plenty of food and drink. We hosted more than 50 people last night. It was fantastic. 

   I enjoyed my birthday to no end. Again I want to thank everyone for your well wishes, phone calls, emails, texts, hugs, kisses, cards and gifts.

   Now the hard work begins. We have to clean up and put things away for the next gathering. Elise is caring for Chris right now and he is mellow due to a massage he received from Donna. Elise will be getting a massage this afternoon. 

   Have a great Sunday and be careful. We are going to meet up with the crew at Zemams this evening for dinner.

Later.....Jessie and Elise

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hey, how are you doing? Well, my birthday is going very well and I am still receiving phone calls, texts, emails, hugs, kisses, cards and well wishes. Again I want thank everyone for making my day a special one. I thank JT for giving me a call and I thank my niece Sara for the best wishes. Grazia! Sisters you are the best.

We have been very busy making sure that all loose ends are covered for this evening. We are so glad that Jayne is here because she has helped us immensely today. She is now caring for Chris and that allows us to do other things as well.

I am looking forward to tonight's Tucson Women's Concert. The after party is going to be a good one, but the wind is picking up right now. I hope that is subsides soon.

Chat at you later....Jessie


Good Morning!

Mood: Blessed!

Music listening to: Everything I Do by Kelli and Nelli

   It's the Weekend! I started the day off at 5:00am looking in on Chris. Elise popped up with me this morning but something happened. She is back in the (rack), smile! Jayne is here caring for Chris this morning. Any plans for today?

   The coffee just finished brewing and it is very good. Hey, today is my birthday and I am blessed to be able to open my eyes to start another year. Another blessed year. I want to thank my (Shorty), family, friends and girlfriends for all of the cards, calls, emails, texts, kisses and hugs to help me celebrate this day.  I love you all!

   Elise and Jayne are taking me out for breakfast this morning. We are going to "Gus Balones". It is going to be a busy day today so I need to get my grub on early to make it through today, smile! Yes, it is going to be a busy day due to the Tucson Women's Concert is this evening and the after-party is here. I have a lot of double checking to do and I need to take care of loose ends. Right Jane? I know that you went there.

   We had a grand evening at "Kingfisher" with Dottie. The food was very good. After dinner we saw the play "Live A Little" at the Invisible Theater. I was very good and funny with a message or two. The theater was packed. Great acting!

   Well, I had better get to it. Have a good weekend and stay safe.
Cheers...Jessie and Elise

Friday, April 28, 2017



How are you doing so far on this TGIF? My playmate is at the gym for a workout and I just stopped doing a few things out on the patio area. The wind is picking up and that is not a good thing. I enjoyed my (me) time on the lounger while I listened to Boney James Radio on Echo Dot with (Alexa).

After Elise returns we will begin to set up things here in the main house and in the Family Room for tomorrow's after party. We will discuss what else needs to be done as well. Tomorrow will be last minute checks and I hope that all goes well. I will attend the concert but I will leave during the intermission to get back home so I can be around to welcome the party-goers.

This evening we will be joined by Dottie for dinner at "Kingfisher". After dinner we will head over to the "Invisible Theater" to  see the play "Live A Little". It is going to be a good one for sure.

Gotta run.......Jessie


Good Morning!

Mood: Relaxed! Gummied! Slap and Tickled!

Music listening to: Is It Good To You by Heavy D!

    It's a TGIF! How are you? I started the day off at 5:00am looking in on Chris. Elise is once again deep in her cave. Jayne is here caring for Chris. Any plans for today?

    The coffee just finished brewing and it is very good. I will enjoy a second cup during my (me) time. Yes, I have to people,bird and lizard watch this morning. I will have a oat and chocolate bar with my second cup. WooHoo!

    Elise and I enjoyed the movie "Lost City of Z". It was very good and we were glued to the screen. It is a different type of movie about discoveries in the Amazon. I just checked my To Do List and once again it is off the hook. Another busy day today. Tomorrow is the concert and after party. Sure hope that the wind cooperates tomorrow evening. The temps are supposed to drop into the 40's tomorrow evening. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that the weather holds up. It has to it's my birthday!

   Speaking of Elise she just walked by. Have a good TGIF!
Later......Jessie and Elise


Thursday, April 27, 2017



Are you good? We just got back from having lunch with Lois and Adavern at "Leo's". The food was excellent and the margaritas were great. So good that my shorty and I had two of them. Now Elise needs a nap, smile!

We are going to go to the movies to see "Lost City of Z" it should be a good one.  We saw the previews and it looked good. Well, the wind is not blowing but it is supposed to pick up later this evening. I still have things to get done on the patio for the after party.

Hope that you are good?

Thirsty Thursday

Good Morning!

Mood: Relaxed! Gummied!

Music listening to: Ain't Nobody by Chaka Khan

   It's a Thirsty Thursday! How are you doing? I started the day off at 5:00am caring for Chris. Elise is deep in her cave this morning. It looks like she has been (gummied), smile! She will start her day very soon. Any plans for today?

  The coffee just finished brewing and my cup is full. My To Do List is full of tasks for today. Starting off by taking the Prius in for routine services. Yep, it is going to be a busy one. So far no wind so I can put on the table cloths for the after-party. Jayne will be here this morning to care for Chris.

  My shorty and I are having lunch with Lois and Adavern at "Leo's". Can you say Margarita? We may go to the movies today as well.

   We had a grand evening at the "Wild Garlic". The food was very good and it was piled on. The vino that Elise and I had was a "Lodi" our favorite. It was a total of 10 of us and we had nice time.

   Well, I had better get busy. Have a good Thirsty Thursday. Jane, we have been (gummied). Yeah!

Later....Jessie and Elise 


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