Tuesday, July 18, 2017



   Are you good so far on this Tricky Tuesday! We are supposed to get more rain so says the weather-people.

    I just got back from the airbase taking care of a little bit of business that needed tending to.

   My To Do List is complete except for rechecking my packing for our trip to Oakland and San Francisco with Sheila. Sheila is making her way to Oakland as I post to our blog. 

   All of a sudden I was hit by the munchies so I stopped in Burger King and got a large hash rounds and some orange juice. What's with that?

   Alexa, is happy now and maybe she will be silent for a little while, smile! Hope that you are doing well so far?


Elaine, glad that your trip is going well.

Rosie, what is up for today in Viet Nam? Love the pics.

Country Granny, how are you this morning? How's Bob?

Monna, always good to hear from you.

Herman, we will contact you after we check in at the Towne Place Suites at the airport.

Tricky Tuesday!

Good Morning!

Mood: Cautious!

Music listening to: Never Gonna Get It by En Vogue!

   It's a Tricky Tuesday! How are you doing? I started the day off at 5:00am caring for Chris. Elise popped up with me this morning to start her day. Any plans for today?

   The coffee is good and I will have a second cup during my (me) time with the lizards on the front porch. It is a nice morning here in Tucson.

   Zack will be here this morning to care for Chris. Alexa just reminded me that today is going to be a busy one. Starting off with the delivery of our new range. 

   I will be rechecking my suitcase to make sure that I have all that is needed for our trip to Oakland and San Francisco. Sheila see you soon.

   Well, I had better get in gear and get this day moving ahead. Have a good Tricky Tuesday and keep those prayers going for Jane and Papa John.

Ciao...Jessie and Elise

Monday, July 17, 2017

Good Night!

Good Night!

How are you doing? We are good here in central Tucson. Please if you could please say a prayer or two for our Jane and Papa John. He was hospitalized today and he will stay in overnight for observation. Thank you in advance.

I completed all of my tasks for today a little while ago. My shorty helped me to take out our stove to the curb for the upcoming Brush and Bulk pick up. We are sure that someone will take it before then. Our new range will be delivered tomorrow morning.

Elise prepared breakfast for dinner. We had blueberry pancakes, sausages, and eggs. It was all good with coffee.

I am caring for Chris this evening and Elise is in her office on her desktop. We hope that your evening is a good one?

Nite...Jessie and Elise

Bobby, thanks for taking Papa John and Jane to hospital.



How is your Monday going so far? We have a lot of clouds out and we may get some more rain. Loraine, you didn't get a drop? Wow we got it good here. Yes, I will complain to my sister Marcie in Florida to see what happened? Can't have my girlfriend lacking when it comes to rain and such, eh? We have some running in the all together to do.

My To Do List is just about completed for today. One more task to do but I will have to wait until my shorty gets back. Jane, don't go there! Smile! I made a quick run to Jayne's apartment to look at the light switch at the living room door. It doesn't turn the ceiling light on. She will have to contact the owner's to have it fixed. Her apartment is coming along very nicely and she is happy with it, and that makes Elise and I happy too!

Chris and I are mellowing and listening to some blues and we are having a good time. Chris is really into it, yes! Hope that you are all doing OK?


Loraine, thank you for posting to our blog, we have missed you.

Country Granny, how are things back east?

Monna are you getting the blog?

It's A Monday!

Good Morning!

Mood: Content!

Music listening to: Everybody Dance Now by C&C Factory!

   It's a Monday! Buon Giorno! How are you? I started the day off at 5:00am caring for Chris. He is chatting up a storm this morning already. Elise is not in her cave this morning so she will up and on the go soon. Any plans for today?

   The coffee is good and I will have a second cup during my (me) time on the front porch. I will be watching the lizards do some morning push ups, smile!

   Hey we got rained on last night pretty good. Thanks sister Marcie for sending it here, smile! It looks like we may get more of the wet stuff today. Yes!

   Alexa, is shouting at me this morning to let me know that I have a few tasks to complete on my To Do List. She is such a tease!

   Well, our suitcases our out and waiting to be filled. Elise and I will start the process of deciding what to pack for our trip to Oakland and San Francisco. We leave on Wednesday and we will return on Sunday with a stay at a Marriott due to we get in late. Jayne will be here caring for Chris while we are away. Sheila here we come.

    We had a great evening last night at "Humble Pie" with Jane and Papa John" aka (Wet Head). Smile. The food was very good and the bottle of "Lodi" called Plunger Head was very good. Thank you Jane and Papa John for a very nice evening.



    Tomorrow we are taking delivery of a new stove due to our present one's oven isn't heating like it should. So will sit it out for Brush and Bulk pick up along with a few more items.

   Well,  I had better check on Chris. Have a good Buon Lunedi! Chat at you later....Jessie and Elise

Jane, how are you feeling this morning? How is Wet Head?

Loraine and Jim , welcome home.

Erika, how are things in Germany?

Ross and Denise, how are you?

Rosie, looks like you are having a good time in Viet Nam?

Sunday, July 16, 2017



How are you? We just got back from having a very nice breakfast at the "Egg Connection" with Pat. The food was as good as ever.

Elise is caring for Chris and I am about to do some yard work behind Chris's house. I will also restock Chris's supplies for the upcoming week.

We are looking forward to our evening with Jane and Papa John at "Humble Pie". Have a good afternoon.


Ciao cosa posso fare per voi oggi?


Good Morning!

Mood: Content!

Music listening to: That's The Way Love Goes by Janet Jackson!

   It's a Sunday! How are you doing? I started the day off at 5:00am looking in on Chris and getting him settled for Elise. Elise will be over soon to care for Chris. Any plans for today?

   The coffee is good and a second cup will be enjoyed at the "Egg Connection". We are going to meet up with Pat for breakfast this morning and Elise will give her a copy of her book.

   We got rained on during the night and I didn't hear it at all. If I had I would have donned my flip flops for a run in the all-together. Well, next time, eh? Hopefully Loraine and Jane will join me.

   Chris will be receiving a massage this morning. I know that he is looking forward to that. Lucky guy! We are going to meet up with Jane and Papa John this evening. We are going to "Humble Pie" for dinner this evening. Jayne will be here to care for Chris.

    My To Do List is light for today. Thanks, Alexa but tomorrow you have me loaded. No problema I will get it done. Have a good Sunday and enjoy. My suitcase is out and ready to be packed. WooHoo!
Later....Jessie and Elise


Hello!    Are you good so far on this Tricky Tuesday! We are supposed to get more rain so says the weather-people.     I just g...