Sunday, May 27, 2018



How are you doing so far on this Sunday? We just got back from a very nice breakfast at the "Egg Connection". The food was a good as ever and a crowd started to gather to dine. My playmate and I picked a table out of the restaurant to (pay it forward) and we did. It is such a good feeling to be able and blessed to do that.


Susie, is chill in in the main house and Elise is caring for Chris. I will be doing some yard work behind Chris's soon. I will also restock Chris's supplies for the upcoming week. Roy should be getting into Tucson around 1 or 2pm from Phoenix.

Here are a few more pics for our vacation in Maui. Enjoy!

17 May

It is about 8:30am and we both slept like logs after a fun night of drinks, foo and laughter. Bobby and Marv are fun to be with.

At around 11:00am Elise and I drove to Lahaina to continue to search for the "McDonald's". We found it and they still serve Spam, rice and eggs for breakfast. It was so good with a dash of soy sauce. After breakfast we went to "Hilo Hatties to buy more souvenirs. We also bought dental floss, Jack Daniels and Diet Coke. Our Motto: Always be prepared. We received a call from Bobby saying that he and Marv had scheduled a snorkeling tour for Friday. Cool!

We drove back to the resort so we could get ready for our helicopter tour.  We left in plenty of time to make sure we could find the air-strip. We got there in plenty of time so we relaxed until we were called to board our helicopter. It was supposed to be 6 of us but the other two were stuck in road construction traffic. We had the helicopter all to ourselves and it was awesome and worth every penny of the $190.00 per person for the 45 minute tour.  We got tied up coming back to the resort due to road construction and we thought that we might miss our Luau but we made it. All is good.

                                                                       AERIAL PHOTOS TAKEN BY BOBBY

The Luau started at 7:30pm and the line to get in was super long. We walked the beach line to get to the Luau. Marv and Bobby couldn't keep up with us during the walk and they are at least 9 years younger than we are. The Luau was great. Good food, plenty of drinks and the show was excellent. The Luau costs $130.00 per person and well worth it because we got our moneys worth and more. We walked back to the resort along the beach and we hit the sheets at around 10:00pm. Another great day paradise. "Mahalo".



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