Monday, July 17, 2017



How is your Monday going so far? We have a lot of clouds out and we may get some more rain. Loraine, you didn't get a drop? Wow we got it good here. Yes, I will complain to my sister Marcie in Florida to see what happened? Can't have my girlfriend lacking when it comes to rain and such, eh? We have some running in the all together to do.

My To Do List is just about completed for today. One more task to do but I will have to wait until my shorty gets back. Jane, don't go there! Smile! I made a quick run to Jayne's apartment to look at the light switch at the living room door. It doesn't turn the ceiling light on. She will have to contact the owner's to have it fixed. Her apartment is coming along very nicely and she is happy with it, and that makes Elise and I happy too!

Chris and I are mellowing and listening to some blues and we are having a good time. Chris is really into it, yes! Hope that you are all doing OK?


Loraine, thank you for posting to our blog, we have missed you.

Country Granny, how are things back east?

Monna are you getting the blog?

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