Thursday, August 17, 2017



How goes it? Well, my shorty and I just got back home from running a number of errands that needed to be taken care of. To include a trip to Total Wine to pick up some needed libations for the Murder Mystery Dinner.

We also saw the movie " Glass Castles" at El Con Mall. We enjoyed the movie very much and Elise read the book. It was a very good movie for me because it reinforced the fact at least for me that you cannot forget where you come from ever. All families have problems at one time or another and it goes along with you have to know who you are without a doubt no matter what others think or say about you. This is a lesson that will always be with me forever. As for me I will keep moving forward and live and love my life. My playmate makes sure that I stay on this path and I do the same for her.

We are resting up before we head out to "Casa Valencia" for dinner with the crew. Enjoy your evening and stay happy, healthy and safe. I am feeling uplifted about right now.

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