Monday, April 23, 2018

Good Night!

Good Night!


Was you Monday a good one? It was a good one here in Central Tucson.

Alexa, played some good Smooth Jazz and she treated me to some (Boney) today. WooHoo! I spent a little time watching the Hummer sit on her nest today. She is not afraid of me or my playmate. We get right up to the nest and she dares you to try to put your hand in the nest. She wings up and she buzzes your head to let you know that is a NO-NO.

My shorty prepared breakfast for dinner. We enjoyed homemade pancakes, eggs and sausages with plenty of coffee to get it all down. We watched "Hawaii 5 O", "Grace and Frankie" and "The Queen". Chris enjoyed every one of them.

I am caring for Chris tonight and Elise is in her office on her Mac. I booked a helicopter ride for our trip to Hawaii that will happen in May. Elise, Bobby, Marv and myself are in for a treat indeed. We hope that the weather holds up this time. Last time my shorty and I went we were grounded due to the weather.

My milestone birthday is 29 April and my playmate has all kinds of events planned for me. Ya,Ya. Such as a overnight stay at a Marriott hotel, a trip to the DDC and dinner, Invisible Theater and dinner, a visit to the Fox Theater to see Linda Ronstadt and dinner at Caffe Milano. I am on lucky dude to have a (moglie) like her, smile!

Have a good night and sleep well.
Later.....Jessie and Elise

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Loraine said...

Un giro in elicottero, Linda Ronstadt, Caffè Milano, plus. Sì, voi siete il fortunato ragazzo! (=:

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