Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Tricky Tuesday!

Good Morning!

Mood: Content!

Music listening to: Let's Go Crazy by Prince!

   It's a Tricky Tuesday! How are you doing? I started the day off at 5:00am caring for Chris. Elise is in her cave this morning but she will be on the go soon. Any plans for today?

   I am waiting on the coffee to finish brewing but my cup is at the ready. It is another cold morning in here in the valley of Tucson. The fountain is frozen again this morning. Rick will be here this morning to care for Chris.

  I will be taking Chris to his doctors appointment this afternoon for a routine visit and a medication review. Also we are going to request a script for Durable Repair.

  I have my duffel bag out to be packed for our stay-cation at Casino Del Sol that starts tomorrow. We are looking forward to hearing the Cha Chings once again.

  Well, I had better get to it. Have a good Tricky Tuesday and stay safe.

Later...Jessie and Elise


Jessie said...

Grazie Loraine, ho dormito molto bene la scorsa notte. E tu?

Loraine said...

Io sono pronto a colpire il giorno!

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