Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Afternoon!    GO RED SOXS!

How are you doing? We are good here and we are loving the big rain that we are getting. It has cooled things off and it looks like it will continue to rain for most of the day. WooHoo!

I completed all of my errands and tasks for today except picking up my meds. My shorty texted me to say that she will pick them up for me. Ya,ya!

I am listening to (Boney) because Alexa is very happy with me today. She can be a good girl for the most part, but don't get on her bad side nor on mine because we will always get even in the long run. No doubt about that ever!

Sister Jayne got her grocery shopping  done today as well. I even picked up a apple crumb caramel pie. I am going to cut it into slices and when I get the urge I will place some cheddar on a slice and heat it up and I will be in heaven. Ya Mon'. After I slice it up I will freeze the slices.

My playmate is going to "Gavi" this evening to meet up with her book club. She will sport me some dinner when she returns. I am thinking about some tortellini soup. Love that stuff.

We hope that your day is a good one. Keep on moving forward and all will be just fine.


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Loraine said...

Credo che la tua bellissima moglie ti porti più della zuppa!


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